Privacy policy

Published: January 20, 2016
Effective: January 20, 2016

Thank you for using Hautaka! This document describes how we collect, store and process the information we receive when you use our web site software and services (hereinafter, the "Services").

WHAT INFORMATION WE NEED AND WHY? To ensure the work of our services, safety and continuous improvement, we collect and store the following information:

Account. We collect certain information and link it up to your account. This includes your name, email address, billing information and actual address (if the payment account is hired). With the help of some of our services, you get access to your account and your information through other service providers.

Travel. We collect certain information about your trips and link them to your account. This information includes the name, date and description of the trip, coordinates, photos, tickets, travel expenses and daily diary.

Services. By using our services, we store, process and transfer your files (including photos, videos, structured data) and related information (eg information on the place and date of taking photos).

Use. We collect information from devices that are used to access our services. This includes IP address, browser type and device you use, the information on the website from where you came to our site and identification numbers of the devices. It's devices, depending on the settings can also transmit to our Services location information.

Cookie files and other technical characteristics. See "Cookie Policy".

WITH WHOM WE SHARE YOUR INFORMATION? We do not share your information with others except those included in the "Cookie Policy" for the operation of our services. Your data is protected by the search engines and the content will not appear in the public domain.

Other users. Our services share your username in the travel sharing settings, which could be seen by other users. By using certain functions, you can also provide users with other information (public tours, share trip ...).

Representatives of the authorities. We may provide your information to third parties consider it necessary to (a) compliance with the law; (B) prevent someone's death or serious injury; (C) prevent fraud, misuse of Hautaka or harm our users; (G) protect the rights or property of Hautaka.

Save your data and responsible management - this is our goal, and we are aware of the related liability. We believe the data of our users are guaranteed with equal protection, regardless of whether our services are stored on hard disks or in the homes of the users.

HOW TO STORE YOUR INFORMATION? Security. For users data storage Hautaka use Google Cloud Storage. Thus, data security is guaranteed by Google. We are also constantly working on a variety of additional functions that can be used to safely store your data.

Preservation of information. We store the information you provide to our Services as long as necessary, so that these services are able to lend their services. If you delete your account, we will also remove your information. But please note: (1) the removal of this information from our server and storage may be delayed; (2) We can save this information as necessary for the rule of law, conflict resolution, or to fulfill the terms of our agreements.

WHERE WE STORE YOUR INFORMATION? Worldwide. To ensure the operation of our services and provide our services, store, process and transmit information in points located around the world (including outside their country). In addition, information can be stored on devices that are used to access our services.

AMENDMENTS If our business is restructured, in partaking in a merger or acquisition, or we were to sell our assets, your information may be transferred to another company, according to the agreement. We will notify you (for example, sending an email to e-mail specified in your user account) of these transactions and how exactly can you do in such a situation.

Occasionally we can independently make changes to this "Privacy Policy". The latest version of it is available on our website. If such changes seriously restrict their rights, we will notify you about this.

Questions about Hautaka, our services and privacy? Write to or use the contact form.